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Installing On-Premise

The following are the basic requirements to install Soluno on-premise. Please note that detailed specifications may vary based on the needs of your practice. To get a comprehensive installation plan for your firm, book a meeting with our installation team.

Hardware Requirements:

  • CPU - 8 cores recommended (4 cores minimum)
  • RAM - 16 GB recommended (32 GB may be required for larger firms)
  • Storage - 100 GB recommended (50 GB minimum)
  • Drives - We recommend configuring the SSL drives as part of a raid solution (improves performance and fault tolerance)
  • Other - We strongly recommend a UPS

Software Requirements:

  • Web Hosting - Windows Server 2016 or later version recommended (Windows 10 not recommended).

Note: IIS functionality should be enabled, and a digital certificate installed.

  • Database Services - Microsoft SQL version 2016 SP or later version. This includes any edition, including Express.

Note: Windows and SQL versions must be supported by Microsoft: Find out whether your products are supported.

  • The ability to apply latest Windows and SQL updates, including .NET versions

Additional Information:

Soluno is a browser-based program, so a one-time installation on a single server will allow all users to have access. Individual computers can use Edge/Chrome/Safari/the browser of their choice to access Soluno.

  • Soluno On-Premise is not able to be installed on Mac/OSX at this time

To allow external traffic to access Soluno, you will need to configure your firewall to redirect traffic to your server. Soluno requires no additional configuration.

We very strongly suggest that your server have a backup plan for your SQL database and any associated document folders. In the case that your server goes down, Soluno can utilize your backup data to provide free-of-charge, short-term emergency hosting.

For full details, contact us for a complete On-Premise Installation Guide (.PDF)

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