Soluno makes keeping track of your accounts easy - regardless of your accounting system.

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  • Supports accrual, cash, and two modified-cash variations.
  • Ability to track hard and soft costs separately.
  • Generate "accountant ready" financial statements without closing periods.
  • Close periods/years in a single step.
  • Retain all financial reports for easy reference; no need to recreate periods.

Trust Compliant

  • Compliant with federal, state, provincial, trust, and HST/GST regulations.
  • Custom trust configurations; control the receipt of retainer money and prevent overdrawing trust funds.
  • Easily transfer trust funds to operating accounts, between files, or to other trust accounts.

Powerful Reporting

  • Produce 70+ custom report views to track contacts, receivables, cash flow, and more.
  • Create comprehensive audit trail reports, including all entry/change logs and missing entries.
  • Accurate receivable, payment, and adjustment reports that will always reconcile with your financial statements.
  • Export reports to PDF and Excel ®.

Easy Banking

  • Produce deposit slips and process bank feed information.
  • Automatically smart-match entries with bank feeds and deposit slips.
  • Easily identify and add missing charges.
  • Produce three-way bank reconciliation reports.
  • Track bank errors separately to help resolve entry discrepancies.

Accounts Payable

  • Allocate payments to files.
  • Link existing expenses to payables.
  • Append PDF documents to client invoices (no print, scan, or email required).
  • Set vendor arrangements for discounts and surcharges.
  • Pay multiple invoices at the same time.
  • If outside counsel is utilized a payable is auto-created for the contact once the client is billed.
  • Receive notifications when a client pays an invoice.
  • Access past accounts payable reports at any time.