Soluno pushes boundaries with features inspired by legal professionals and their unique needs.

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Secure Data

  • Every firm's data is isolated with their own unique encryption keys.
  • Encrypts all privacy information fields for an additional layer of protection.

Simplified Cash Flows

  • Digitally append PDF documents to invoices.
  • Dramatically simplified split-billing system.
  • "Intelligent Layout" streamlines billing layout creation.
  • "Auto-create payable" feature makes compensating outside counsel easy.
  • Tracks bank errors separately for easy accounting reconciliation.

Streamlined Workflow

  • "Snapshot" allows you to move between screens and devices without losing work. Any data you enter is stored on each screen until you either complete or discard the task.
  • When navigating through sub-menus, "Jumpback" lets you return to the previous menu without having to restart your task.
  • "Follow Me" technology remembers where you are when you leave a function and picks up in the same place when you resume; even when switching devices.
  • The "Drag-and-Drop" file window makes importing external entries simple.