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Integrating with Soluno

Soluno has an open and free REST API that can allow you and your business to access and interact with its data. This API is commonly used to do the following:

The Process


How do I access Soluno's data for my integration?

We use our own API for all our presentations; which means if we can access the data, you can access it too. It is important to note that all of Soluno's privacy data is encrypted to protect our users, and so it must be accessed through the API.

Who is in charge of developing the integration?

The development of an integration is managed by the integrating party. Soluno will not contribute any code, but is happy to provide the data you may need, in addition to solution consultations and support along the way.

What additional resources does Soluno provide?

In addition to complete, open, and free API access, we will create a demo account on our servers so that you can test your integration.

Will the final integrated product be free for my end users?

Depending on the nature of the integration, your end users may require a dedicated Soluno license. These details can be discussed during the initial integration consultation.

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