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Only Pay for What You Use.

Soluno is designed to save you money regardless of whether your firm has full-time employees, part-time employees, contractors, or all of the above.

Standard Licensing

  • Licensing is based on monthly use, not your firm's total number of users.
  • Costs are fixed and predictable.
  • Ideal for firms with full-time staff only.

Shared Licensing

  • Extends the Standard Licensing model to support multiple part-time and/or contract employees.
  • Licenses are determined by the total number of days worked by all part-time users.
  • Can be enabled at any time without contacting support.

On-Premise Access

  • Just one installation on a single server needed to give access to your whole firm.
  • Browser-based access for all users.
  • Fast and easy updates.
  • Your firm maintains authority over your own server.
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Cloud-Based Access

  • Soluno's Cloud is supported with Microsoft Azure - one of the most secure and trusted Cloud platforms.
  • Option to utilize other Cloud platforms if desired.
  • Secure, flexible, and easily accessible from anywhere.
  • Your firm retains control over your data.

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