Experience high functionality and advanced customization with efficiency and ease.

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Intuitive Entry

  • Supports flat-fee, task-based, and time-based billing.
  • Integrated UTBMS codes for seamless task-based billing.
  • Enter billable hours, non-billable hours, and flat-fees quickly with an easy-to-use timesheet.
  • Import external entries with a simple "drag-and-drop" feature.
  • Convenient time/expense quick entry window.

Custom Billing Arrangements

  • Create contact groups for effortless split-billing.
  • Dramatically simplified on-demand and mass billing.
  • Use mass billing filter to exclude files not ready for invoicing.
  • Ability to allocate charges to specific parties.

Robust Processing

  • One-step or multi-step billing processes available.
  • Specially configure billing rules file-by-file, or set general billing behaviors.
  • Add, adjust, or remove charges during the billing process.
  • Perform trust transfers automatically during billing.
  • Multi-step billing system prevents new entries from being added to a finalized invoice.

Dynamic Templates

  • Intelligent layout technology reduces the need for multiple billing templates.
  • Single-click billing controls for further customization.
  • Allows custom-embedded HTML for complex billing layouts.

Advanced Invoicing

  • Produce professional and easy-to-read client invoices.
  • Automatically reconcile expense entries to your invoices.
  • Easily break out service charges that are neither fees nor expenses on your invoice.
  • Split-billing invoices only show the history relevant to a specific client.
  • Clients belonging to multiple files or split-billing groups receive a single, collated invoice with a summary page.
  • Create hard-copy or electronic invoices.