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Set Your Students Up for Success.

Provide hands-on experience with the latest legal accounting technology for free with Soluno's SPARK Program.

Soluno allowed me to teach the whole time and billing cycle, from creating new clients and matters to receiving payments and generating financial statements and reports. The best part was the support I received from Soluno... We plan to use the software again.

- Jeri Spinner, Idaho State University
Practice law while in law school.

For many years, law schools have focused on theory-based education in order to prepare their students for their professional future. However, teaching law students practice-based skills has been rising in importance.

Law school graduates who have learned how to work within a legal practice, and have experience with practical legal software are highly valued by employers in the legal industry.

As a member of Spark, any law school, paralegal program, or legal clinic will be able to teach hands-on legal accounting experience with Soluno; completely free of charge.

Support for Instructors

  • Receive specialized, one-on-one training with Soluno so you can teach with confidence.
  • Work with our outreach team to develop a customized curriculum for your students.
  • Access to personalized assistance at any time.

Benefits for Students

  • Experience hands-on education with the latest legal accounting technology.
  • Gain confidence with the business of running a legal practice.
  • Upon graduation, students receive continued incentives as members of the SPARK community.


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