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We Focus On What Matters.

Soluno was built on a foundation of innovative technology and a people-first philosophy.

Soluno was established with the goal to face the challenges of your law firm head-on. Along with it we've developed a unique ideology that we like to call Soluno's Seven Essentials.

Rule One:

Anticipate the future, build for today.

Our co-founders have worked for over 40 years in the legal accounting industry, so we know that the future is never certain. We develop software today that is able to change and adapt in the future to suit the needs of our clients.

Rule Two:

Never be satisfied.

If early man stopped at stone tools, humanity would never have gone to space. We believe that successes build on top of existing accomplishments, and that the only way to improve is to keep pushing boundaries.

Rule Three:

Mistakes happen...
but only once.

Constant growth is at the heart of Soluno; and along with growth comes growing pains. We believe every error is a learning opportunity, and we utilize every lesson to strengthen our company and our product.

Rule Four:

People matter.

From customers, to consultants, to employees; if everyone is treated fairly, everyone wins. We design Soluno with people at our core, and have fair pricing, responsive customer support, and flexible options to prove it.

Rule Five:

Say what you'll do,
and do what you say.

Soluno believes in the importance of transparency and integrity. Whether it's pricing or features, we want our clients to know exactly what we can deliver. More importantly, we deliver it.

Rule Six:

Use both ears.

Communication isn't just about talking. At Soluno, we put our ears to work and listen to our customers. We keep our minds open for new ideas; value feedback; and build for our customers' needs, not what we think they need.

Rule Seven:

Hard work has no substitute.

Nothing worth accomplishing is ever easy, and we don't shy away from a challenge. We believe in doing everything with full conviction. No cutting corners. When something needs to get done, we roll up our sleeves.