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Year in Review 2018

Alan Tuback

Today marks the 1st year anniversary of Soluno being released to the market! We've accomplished a lot since Soluno's release in 2017, and we're very excited for what is to come in the future.

Today Devlos Software is excited to celebrate two special anniversaries; not only has our company been in business for four years, it has also been one year since we launched Soluno into the legal software market. When you’re working on something day in and day out, it can be difficult to see how far you’ve come, but we would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to celebrate what we have accomplished on our journey so far.

Doug and I started Devlos Software with a vision to create a best-of-breed legal accounting solution that truly valued its clients. We wanted to do it right, and so we waited to release our product until we had a program we’d be proud to demonstrate. Developing Soluno for the first three years would not have been possible without the feedback and early support from our advisory panel; our beta users who helped us identify opportunities to improve; and of course, our families – who weathered the storm with us through long hours and hauling materials to trade shows.

When Soluno was initially released in 2017, it was (as Doug likes to say) the “minimum lovable product”: a product with solid foundations, but with areas to grow and improve. Since last October, Soluno has expanded astronomically to accommodate the needs of our growing customer base. We’ve added sophisticated billing methods, accounts payable functions, and security features to our original product. Our browser-based Cloud platform is fully realised and successfully supports many of our clients, and we also introduced a NetDocuments integration this year – the first of many integrations to come.

It isn’t just Soluno’s features that have grown since the product’s release; the infrastructure surrounding Soluno has also advanced tremendously. This year we: established a knowledgeable consultant base so that law firms from across the United States and Canada can learn more about Soluno; empowered industry partners and their custom solutions with our open API; and welcomed new employees who are committed to serving our growing list of customers. In addition, we have worked this year to expand our support processes so that our clients can get the help they deserve – from toll-free call numbers, to email, and most recently this month; live support chat.

We are proud of the progress made this past year and are excited as we contemplate the year ahead. In the next few months we expect to roll out new integrations with Office 365, credit card processing, and practice management software. We also plan to expand our team further so that we can continue building and supporting our client relationships. Four years in, Devlos Software remains committed to prioritizing the people we serve, and we are resolute in our mission to make the business of law as easy for your firm as possible.


Alan Tuback

Co-founder and Operations Lead


About Soluno

Soluno is user-friendly, cloud-based billing, accounting and time tracking software made for law firms of all sizes.
Confidently manage your firm’s business all in one place; with matter management, time/expense entry, billing, accounting, trust banking, and reporting that’s accessible from anywhere. Soluno empowers law firms to be more efficient and profitable than ever; combining the advanced features and customizable workflows of on-premise software with the freedom, security, and convenience of a cloud solution.

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