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Uptime Practice Reviews Soluno

Lauren Dagworthy

Uptime Legal Systems took a tour of Soluno recently and had some really kind words to say. Read the full review here.

Redistributed here courtesy of Uptime Practice

It’s no secret that legal technology has been shifting toward Cloud-based solutions in recent years. However, this migration has not been easy for back-office management software that deals with time tracking, accounting, and billing.

In our ongoing quest to find the best back-office solution, we decided to check out a full product demonstration of Soluno – a new but promising legal time, billing, and accounting solution created by Devlos Software.

There are a lot of great things about Soluno, and it is certainly worth booking a demo to see them all. That said, here is an overview of the capabilities that stood out to us the most.

The Basics

Soluno is a subscription-based platform that can be run either on-premise (on a law firm’s own local servers); with their Cloud service (provided by Microsoft Azure); or in a private cloud, such as Uptime Practice. This makes Soluno a flexible option for law firms that may not know whether their future will be in the cloud.

Switching between the on-premise and Cloud models is also a fast and painless process, making it the ideal option if your firm would like to start with Soluno early and slowly transition to the Cloud.

It is also worth noting that Soluno is web-based software, which means you access it via a web browser. This is the case even when running Soluno on-premise; and that is the real advantage of the software: It works and functions identically whether it’s hosted on your own server or in the cloud, making a future change transparent to your end-users.

This also allows the product to run on Windows and Mac operating systems as well as any smart phone or tablet. You can use Soluno from anywhere in the world and it will still feel as though you’re using it at your desk.

What’s more, there is no need to purchase new versions of Soluno; updates and improvements are ongoing and are installed in the background without interrupting your work.

Soluno is also incredibly scalable and has been designed to support firms of all sizes, even as your firm grows. The software currently has clients ranging from solo and small firms to those with fifty attorneys or timekeepers.

Another key advantage of Soluno is that there no additional charges for installation, migration, conversion, training, or support. Their pricing model is readily available on their Pricing page of their website, so you calculate exactly what your firm will pay with no surprises.

Time Tracking & Billing

Soluno provides all the essential time and billing functions one would expect including time, expense, and check recording. Devlos Software clearly understands what law firms need and has designed Soluno to elevate how your firm does business.

A full list of Soluno’s main billing features can be found on their website, but here are a few that we felt were note-worthy:

  • Billing templates are very intuitive; customization is not clunky or finicky. Their intelligent layout system also saves time and reduces the need for multiple different billing templates.
  • Complex billing arrangements such as split, on-demand, and mass billing are supported masterfully, and the ability to allocate charges to specific parties is built-in. Soluno also supports flat-fee, task-based, and time-based entry formats.
  • Bill processing is adaptable and tailored specifically for what law firms need; billing steps such as request invoices, review charges, and adjust invoices can be added or removed based on your firm’s billing procedure.
  • Disbursement invoices and other documents can be imported, viewed at any time, and automatically appended to both paper and electronic accounts without the need to add them manually.

Overall, the entire time-tracking and billing interface is streamlined beautifully – allowing you to glide through every stage of the billing process from entry to final invoice.


The founders of Devlos Software have eaten, dreamt, and breathed legal accounting for decades, so it is no surprise that Soluno’s accounting features are best-in-class. The system is highly optimized to keep your firm in full compliance, and analyzing financial data is convenient and hassle-free.

  • Soluno allows you to manage your accounting periods with incredible ease. You can close periods in a single step; access financial reports from past periods without the need to recreate it; and generate accountant-ready statements without closing a period first.
  • The software can generate over 75 different types of productivity and financial reports, including comprehensive audit-trail reports and three-way trust reconciliations. Receivable, payment, and adjustment reports will also auto-reconcile with your financials.
  • Legal compliance with all tax, state, federal, and trust regulations are expertly incorporated to Soluno’s system.

There are many more features to see, too. You can view their entire list of accounting features here.


Soluno is constantly expanding as a product and has lots of potential for growth. Devlos Software is focused on perfecting legal time, billing, and accounting within Soluno, and integrates with other best-of-breed products to create a fully realized legal office management solution, including Office 365 for productivity and LawPay for payment processing (with more products joining the Soluno integration ecosystem soon!)

Final Thoughts

Soluno’s robust feature-set combined with its flexible Cloud platform make it one of the best legal time, billing, and accounting solutions available today. Alternatives are either general accounting programs that are not tailored for the legal market; outdated legacy software; or practice management programs with limited accounting capabilities. Soluno’s strong support team and its customer-focused philosophy make it a refreshing addition to the Cloud software pantheon. So, if you haven’t had the opportunity to see Soluno in action yet…what are you waiting for?


About Soluno

Soluno is user-friendly, cloud-based billing, accounting and time tracking software made for law firms of all sizes.
Confidently manage your firm’s business all in one place; with matter management, time/expense entry, billing, accounting, trust banking, and reporting that’s accessible from anywhere. Soluno empowers law firms to be more efficient and profitable than ever; combining the advanced features and customizable workflows of on-premise software with the freedom, security, and convenience of a cloud solution.

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