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PCLaw and Time Matters Are No Longer Being Supported: Now What?

Lauren Dagworthy

PCLaw recently announced that they were cutting support for many of their products. What options are there for law firms who are being left in the lurch?

PCLaw | Time Matters recently announced to their customers that Time Matters and Billing Matters version 16.6 and below as well as PCLaw and PCLaw Enterprise version 16.7 and below will no longer be supported as of June 30th of 2023 [update: as of July 6th, this date has been extended to December 31st, 2023]. This news comes as a shock to users who have been relying on this software to run their practice for years. Newer versions of these solutions have been evaluated as less stable and reliable as its predecessors, and so many law firms are facing the prospect of potentially migrating their crucial time, billing, and accounting functions quickly.

For those looking for alternative solutions to PCLaw (or their partner LEAP), Soluno is a legal time, billing, and accounting product that is the perfect fit for law firms who want a reliable, well-supported, less expensive, and more intuitive software. 

Simply put - Soluno is easy-to-use. There was not a significant learning curve after we switched from PCLaw. 

Full client-matter history conversions, built-in tax and compliance features, and an easy learning curve - what’s not to love?

LEAP’s general ledger accounting is powered by generic accounting solutions Quickbooks and Xero, but Soluno's accounting, billing, and trust is designed specifically for law firms and their unique business needs. This includes billing, accounting, and trust/tax compliance that law firms have come to expect from their PCLaw products, with the added advantages of a fully secure cloud-based solution. Thousands of law firms in the United States and also in Canada have made the move from PCLaw to Soluno easily, quickly, and with their full client-matter history intact. 

Migration from PCLaw was seamless. All trust activity was moved from PCLaw and that was very important. We have over 30 staff and the videos for all of the functions were very good and almost no additional training was needed. Very intuitive software.

Cloud-based without sacrificing peace-of-mind.

Unlike PCLaw and Time Matters, which are desktop-based and require constant server maintenance and upkeep, Soluno is a cloud-based solution. A 2020 ABA study found that only 58% of law firms have adopted the use of cloud technology; law firms who had reservations about moving to the cloud cited security concerns (60%); concerns about lack of control over data (46%) and the cost of switching being too great (28%). Soluno addresses these concerns by: 

  • Providing extensive, constantly-monitored, bank-level encryption and a platform that boasts an A+ security rating.
  • Giving law firms complete access and control over their own data (even in the event they move away from the software).
  • Automatic back-ups of your critical data.
  • Free, full matter-history conversions from the PCLaw suite of products.

Soluno’s cloud-based solution offers new opportunities for your practice to support remote work and reduce time and money spent on server security and maintenance. 

Soluno has the best of both worlds - the law firm business intelligence of a mature product like PCLaw with the freedom and convenience of a browser-based solution. I love everything about it.

Easy-to-use without compromising functionality.

Soluno has been rated the best legal accounting software for ease-of-use since 2019. Even the least tech-savvy law firms can quickly navigate the software’s snappy interface. Soluno is designed to be user-friendly and cuts down time spent on repetitive and/or time-consuming tasks, freeing up your law firm to spend time on other things. More importantly, Soluno’s usability doesn’t come at the expense of compliance features and business functions that your law firm critically needs.

In addition to best-in-class trust accounting and billing, Soluno is customizable to your law firm’s business needs; you can create custom reports, set your own billing workflows - including split billing and e-billing, and grant users access to different tools based on their security clearance. 

As with any law firm, we strive to please our clients, which includes, presenting invoices in any manner that is desired by the clients; Soluno has spent countless hours working with me to ensure that each and every client receives what they want when they are billed.

Better from day one.

Switching legal accounting software is like open-heart surgery for law firms, so Soluno ensures that your firm is looked after even before you log in for the first time. Soluno offers complete client-matter history conversions from PCLaw in less than five business days, so law firms can make the move to Soluno and be able to bill their clients with no interruption to your business.

Additionally, Soluno’s license prices start at $79 USD/month with no hidden fees; you can scale license count up and down based on your usage needs so firms never pay for licenses they don’t need. 

If at any point along the way law firms need training or support, they can get it on-demand via chat, phone, or email with Soluno’s 5-star customer support team.

This software solved a frustration we were having with [PCLaw] wherein we no longer had good (or any) customer service or support. We have been supported from the beginning with this product. The transition was painless and any questions or issues that come up are handled immediately.

PCLaw users should not panic at the recent announcement that Time Matters and Billing Matters version 16.6 and below as well as PCLaw and PCLaw Enterprise version 16.7 and below will no longer be supported. They can get started with Soluno today.

Get started with Soluno:

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Give us a Call: 1 (844) 338-5674 

Send us an Email: info@soluno.legal


About Soluno

Soluno is user-friendly, cloud-based billing, accounting and time tracking software made for law firms of all sizes.
Confidently manage your firm’s business all in one place; with matter management, time/expense entry, billing, accounting, trust banking, and reporting that’s accessible from anywhere. Soluno empowers law firms to be more efficient and profitable than ever; combining the advanced features and customizable workflows of on-premise software with the freedom, security, and convenience of a cloud solution.

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